Multi-sensory classical music.

Classical experiences, re-imagined.

It all started with one question: how can we make classical concerts more immersive for you?

Classical music touches the core of who we are. As a universal language it stirs our emotions. It evokes a vivid, colourful landscape of stories, feelings and places. The music is moving however the format felt somehow static and uninspiring. How would we translate this evocative sound world visually, taking you on a multi-sensory journey through classical music?

By radically transforming the concert experience, merging classical music with visual arts, technology and innovative set design on stage.

Music + Light = Magic

MUS!LUX was born.

MUS!LUX has been mentored by Cause4 as part of the Guildhall Creative Entrepreneurs 2019/20. It has been selected as part of Vienna's University of Music and the Performing Arts' Tuning in! development programme in 2020.

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