music and light

Musilux is a new production company specialising in creating performances
blending solo classical harp with multimedia and storytelling visuals.
Its aim is to promote the harp as a classical solo instrument to
audiences worldwide and to challenge its preconception and that of
the role, impact, and form of a solo classical recital.

Curiouser, curiouser?

With the mentoring support of the Guildhall Creative Entrepreneur Course
for which this project was selected among the few supported proposals my aim
is to produce a solo harp show blending visual projections and immersive
multimedia based on the story of Lewis Carroll’s enchanting “Alice in Wonderland”.

The Big WHY ? Background research

Why does live classical music fail to attract new audiences?
A recent study by BusinessWire estimates that more than
30% of the people listening to classical music are below
their thirties yet only 7% go to classical concerts.

As a classical musician my deepest wish is to share my passion for live classical music and the harp as a solo instrument.
I believe it has the power to bring the best out of people and can be a truly transformative experience. You haven’t truly experienced classical music unless you have seen it live.
To sustain a fresh interest in classical music I believe musicians have to act. How?

I firmly believe that to shake the preconceptions of the classical world and reach new audiences, classical music has to
adapt to the 21st century. With the technological evolution why not blend a long tradition of mastery, history and excellence with poetical, stunning visuals to explore the music as a more visual and storytelling multisensory experience.

My ambition is to be the first classical harpist to bring this enchanting entertainment and experience to you in festivals, concert halls, venues and touch audiences worldwide.

Join me on this adventure by following my journey on my social media pages, collaborating with me, supporting this project for the future of classical music. Don’t hesitate to get in touch
via the contact form, I would love to hear from you!