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I welcome students of all levels and regardless if you want to turn professional, are preparing for exams, auditions or orchestral excerpts, or just want to play for your own leisure, accompany your singing or just enjoy the sheer pleasure of learning a new instrument – whether you are new to music or not. There are so many reasons to learn the harp, and there are all right – you should, it is an amazing instrument. If you are already an intermediate or advanced player, great, let’s push what you can do.

Already an experienced player, preparing for an audition, entrance exams, wanting an external review of your playing? You can now order it wherever you are in the world by clicking here. I am honoured to be the first and only harpist on the American RADDA platform so make sure you get your review early.

My Values

Originally from Switzerland, I graduated from the prestigious Guildhall School of Music & Drama with a Masters Distinction and Bachelor of Music First class degree. I have been teaching privately for more than six years with regular students who progressed and enjoyed learning through my teaching. I value hard work and discipline but also fun and engaging ways to learn. I also understand that some weeks are more filled with your other work than others. I will always encourage you to progress and persevere because I believe you can do it and you will learn a lot by doing so.

Your lesson

Subjects that I will work on and develop in my lessons are tailored to your needs. They generally include: technique, sound production, tone, sight-reading, repertoire, studies, excerpts study, improvisation, arrangements and music theory. I have had the chance to take many masterclasses from the prominent harpists, prominent teachers of the French and Russian harp techniques, such as Isabelle Perrin, Catrin Finch, Sivan Magen, Sylvain Blassel, Marielle Nordmann, Chantal Mathieu, Helga Storck and many more. By joining the London Harp Studio you will meet like-minded musicians and be part of a lineage of eminent harpists and tradition of harp playing that traces back to no other than the Queen of France Marie Antoinette!

Frequently asked questions FAQ

COVID-19 Update
For health and safety reasons I have now moved all my teaching online until further notice. Please contact me for setting up an online lesson with me. Thank you for your patience, stay home and keep practicing.

What language(s) do you teach in?
I am equally at ease to teach you in English or French.

I don’t play any instrument can I still play the harp?
Yes, absolutely! The harp is a very rewarding instrument to start with, as you can get results fast. You will be highly encouraged to learn how to read music, but this is no different than to any other instrument and I am happy to lead you through this process.

I don’t have a harp, can you me rent one?
I am afraid I don’t have enough harps for every one of my students, however I am happy to recommend you places and people to rent harps from, so don’t let this deter your ambition to play.

How much do you charge?
I offer one hour lessons at the price of £40 per hour

Where is the Studio based?
North East London. Contact me and I will me able to give you the address so you can see the quickest way to get to your lessons.

What types of contracts do your offer?
I normally do a contract based on a series of 5-10 lessons (to be discussed with you according to the frequency of the lessons) so that it matches with the academic terms and the contract is automatically renewed. You are free to terminate the contract with one series’ notice.

Any other question not answered here, feel free to get in touch via the contact form on my website. I would love to hear from you!

Let’s take your harp journey to the next level.

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